2022-23 Club Officers

Diane Wuethrich and Sharon Holmes


Tuesday Bridge Sharon Holmes  360-441-1909

Wednesday Bridge  Diane Wuethrich 715-556-2653

Barbara Carl and Mary Varney

Co-Vice Presidents

Sharan Paul and Nick Turner


Bill Cooper and John Michels


Rod Scrivener

Member at Large

Eugene Mitofsky

Content (Web) Manager

The membership of two Sun City West Chartered Clubs, Tuesday Contract Bridge and One Partner Bridge, have agreed to merge into a new club. This new club, named “Sun City West Contract Bridge Club,” will become active beginning January 01, 2023. As part of these changes new bylaws are required for the merged club. A draft of these has been created by the officers of both clubs and this has been approved by the Recreation Manager for an acceptance vote by the membership of the two existing clubs.
This notice is to provide one month’s notification of the vote and to allow the membership to study the proposed by laws ahead of the vote. The vote will be held the week of November 06

Current Bylaws